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Radio Show Host needed for a Health/Wellness radio show

Bhakti Wellness Clinic owner Guy Odishaw is looking for a couple of other hosts to do a morning radio show with him. The show will focus on Health and Wellness and will be one hour on Saturday mornings in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. If you think you’d like to join us in this business venture or know someone who would be great for a radio host please email Guy:

Radio Health and Wellness Show

Bhakti Clinic


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Healing Journeys

Healing Journeys

Check out  Healing Journeys by Jaentra Gardener on Thursdays at 9pm EST or 8pm CST.  Jaentra interviews healers, health professionals, patients and more.  Visit the website and click on “Hosts” at the top of the page.  “Healing Journeys” is near the bottom of the Hosts page. She is a gifted and insightful healer as well as entertaining!