Massage Therapists’ Businesses Often Hard to Locate

Many Massage and Bodywork Practitioners have ever changing office locations due to a variety of things. Most often situations with landlords, chiropractors, other therapists change or finances change, hence a change of venue. Sometimes non-compete contracts or distance makes it difficult for a Massage and Bodywork Practitioner to retain clients when changing locations. For this reason, a well managed and readily available Massage and Bodywork directory is the solution to locating a specific therapist at different locations. By listing with a therapist can move virtually anywhere and if a client knows the therapist’s name, business name and/or approximate location they can locate their specific therapist easily.

Along with a Google map, link to email and website for the therapist, MassageGPS offers a printable coupon for clients to take to their appointments. The coupons can include directions, address, phone number and discount. All of which make life a lot easier for the client. All the information is in one place and they  get a deal on their massage session(s). is offering FREE listings to all Massage and Bodywork Practioners, Individuals and Businesses, until February 15, 2010. They are interested in helping Practitioners build their businesses, be found easily and be successful doing what they enjoy doing – helping others! 

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